The Lost Dog

"Come here, Toby!" Annie called to her dog, Toby. Toby ran from the kitchen to Annie's room and jumped on Annie's bed. Toby licked Annie's face and Annie rubbed him. Annie was wearing a pink dress and her hair was pulled up into a ponytail. Toby had just dried off from the bath Annie gave him. "We should go for a walk, Toby," she said, standing up. Toby wagged his tail. Toby was always a good dog so Annie never put a leash on Toby when they went outside. They ran outside. They walked around Annie's yard. Soon they spotted a squirrel. It saw Toby and it ran. Toby decided to follow it. "Wait Toby!" Annie cried. The squirrel crossed the road and ran far out of Annie's sight. Annie wasn't allowed to cross the road alone so she couldn't get to Toby. She cried the rest of the day. At dinner, she cried. Brushing her teeth, she cried. Trying to fall asleep, she cried. She had stopped crying in the morning. She called Toby, forgetting he wasn't there. Then she started crying again once she realized Toby was gone. Suddenly, Annie's mom came into her room. "I tried to find Toby, but no luck. I'm sorry," she said, giving Annie a hug. "He's never done something like this before," Annie said, still crying. "I know. But he's never seen a squirrel here before. He probably just wanted to play with it," her mom said. Annie got out of her bed and went inside of her closet. She had stopped crying. A few minutes later she came out wearing jean shorts, a red sweatshirt, and a pair of sneakers. "Let's keep looking for him," she said. She still wasn't crying, but she didn't look happy either. She looked serious, like she was determined to find her dog. "Okay. But I'm still in pajamas so I'll go change," her Mom replied. "Okay," Annie said. "I'll wait." About five minutes later her mom returned to her room. She was wearing skinny jeans, a black tank top, and a flannel jacket around her waist. "Let's go," she said. Her and Annie went outside and began searching. "Toby!" they called. "Where are you, boy?" They searched all day, but still, they couldn't find Toby. Annie cried, "He's gone for good. We'll never get him back!" Annie was expecting her mom to say that they were probably going to find Toby the next day, but her mom stayed silent. She didn't think Toby was coming back. It was a rough night for Annie, and she couldn't fall asleep. She only dozed off for a second, then woke up and cried. The next morning, she was grumpy and tired because she didn't get much sleep. But she was still eager to find her dog. She wondered if she'd ever find Toby. When she walked to the kitchen to eat, her mom was already there, drinking coffee from a mug. "Good morning, Annie," she said to Annie. "No. It's not a good morning. I don't think we're going to find Toby," Annie said, starting to cry a little. "But we can keep looking," her mom said, smiling. "I guess," Annie said, wiping her eyes. She put a piece of bread into the toaster and waited. While she waited, she pulled out the jelly. When the bread was ready, Annie took it out of the toaster and put it onto a plate. She rubbed the jelly onto the bread with a butter knife. She quickly ate her breakfast. After she was finished, she said, "Let's go." She and her mom went outside and began calling Toby. They tried until evening and they still couldn't find the little dog. When her mom went inside to make dinner, Annie sat on the porch. Her chin was resting on her hands, and her elbows were on her knees. She wanted Toby. She didn't think she was going to get him back, but still, she called one more time before giving up. "Toby!" She cried. She closed her eyes and cried. Suddenly, she felt something wet on her leg. It felt like when Toby used to lick her. She opened her eyes. She was amazed with what she saw. It was Toby! Finally, Toby had returned! Annie grabbed Toby and ran into the house. "Mom! Guess who's here?!" she said to her mom, a big grin on her face. "Toby! You're home!" her mom said happily. After giving Toby lots of hugs and kisses, Annie went to the table for dinner. "So tell me, Annie, did you not have Toby on a leash when he chased that squirrel?" her mom asked, putting a spoon of mac and cheese into her mouth. "I didn't," Annie said, sounding ashamed of herself. "Well, did you learn your lesson? Are you going to start using a leash for Toby when you walk him?" her mom asked her. "Yes," Annie said. From that day, Annie walked Toby with a leash every time she walked him.

Special thanks to my mom for helping me edit the words that I spelled wrong.